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Blogging: social media fad or good career move?

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Published: Thursday, November 1, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 1, 2012 22:11

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Ann Truong | The Beacon

“We are the reckless, we are the wild youth, we are chasing the visions of our futures, one day we’ll reveal the truth,” is written in lime green across senior Rick Baleros’ blog. Many students have blogs with hopes that they may have a positive effect on their future.

Students have expanded from solely using Facebook and Twitter to the power of Tumblr, Wordpress, and Blogger, which chronicle the various aspects of their lives including hobbies, favorite pastimes, passions, campaigns and goals.

In today’s increasingly competitive job market, personal blogs have begun to serve as a portfolio of a person’s work.

“I’m a marketing major,” junior Jessica Morales said. “I think [blogging] is good for experience.”

Morales’ blog, “Just My Whereabouts,” serves as a platform for displaying the places she sees, the people she meets and the work she has accomplished at her internship.

While blogs are increasingly used to enter certain job markets, many students still use blogs as a way to record memories.

“I started blogging my freshman year of college,” Baleros said. “My friend and I started to keep a blog of our library adventures because we spent a lot of time in the library. It sounds so stupid, blogging about your time in the library.”

Regardless, blogs have continued to become a way of making and saving memories, serving the purpose of an online scrapbook.

As blogs continue to grow in popularity, blogging continues to become a hobby for of many students.

Sophomore Erin Savoia decided to start a modern fashion blog and a fandom-based blog after looking at numerous others.

“I always wanted to start one,” Savoia said. “I used to want to be a writer.”

Despite their reasons for creating blogs, each person has tailored their blog’s look to their specifications and interests.

“I spent a lot of time this summer learning HTML,” Savoia said. “I spend more time on my Tumblr blog to make it pretty.”

Students have even found ways to bring in other voices by reaching out to their UP community. Morales’ first guest blogger was UP Alumna Theresa Cutter, who blogged about her post-graduate service in Peru that began in October.

“Every month I have a guest blogger so people can hear other people rather than me,” Morales said.

Students have also reached out to the community of bloggers for inspiration in their posts. With busy schedules, students try to blog whenever they find time.

“I blog a few times a week,” Baleros said. “Sometimes I’ll re-blog other people.”

While each person’s voice is different, often it is the title that catches a reader’s attention.

“I didn’t want it to be anything cheesy and wanted it to be something catchy, but not too long,” Morales said. “I went on name generator and decided on something kind of simple: Just My Whereabouts.”

While some thought about it in detail, others let their title come to them.

“It was just me hitting random keys,” Baleros said. “My blog is really random, kind of like my title.”

Regardless of the differences, we are all part of this online community that engulfs today’s society, so why not try something new and read a blog or two?

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